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GoDaddy sites go down

Posted by Rubin Bennett on 10 September 2012 | 0 Comments

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‎@GoDaddy is experiencing a major DNS outage today [1]. Many websites are down because they rely on GoDaddy's nameservers (our site included). We're monitoring the situation closely as you can imagine.

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An Arcade game? Really?!

Posted by Rubin Bennett on 16 May 2012 | 0 Comments

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So, you may be asking yourself what's all this about this arcade cabinet that we've been working on? We're going to be at the #VTExpo Vermont Chamber of Commerce Business Expo at the Sheraton Burlington next Wednesday and Thursday, May 22-23rd, and we thought that bringing an arcade game would be nerdy and cool. But we didn't just go get an arcade game and bring it to the show, oh no...

Instead, we got an old Crystal Castles arcade game, and proceeded to completely gut it, replace all it's internals with current locally built components (thanks, Logic Supply!), built a new control panel and rebuild all the controllers, painted it, stickered, and loaded it up with Linux. Just because we can.

So, we'll be at the expo with this kick-ass toy.  But, in keeping with our mission to do good work, and do our part to make the world a better place, we'll be there with a purpose. We'll be there collecting funds for our friends at the #VTNetwork Vermont Network Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. Every quarter put in the machine will be donated, and matched by rbTech, to support the great work they do there.

So come up to #BTV and check us out, play a couple games of Tuxracer, and hang with the coolest bunch of nerds anywhere!

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MIT Green Building Tetris hack

Posted by Rubin Bennett on 23 April 2012 | 0 Comments

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Today's bit of nerdy goodness... you have to love MIT!  They've built a controller that runs the lights in the building, and in real time can be used to play a game of Tetris.  Way cool, and way to go MIT!  Check out the official page here...

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