1. Local


    Local: We're locally owned, not part of some huge conglomeration based who-knows-where. While remote support is great, there are times when it really takes being there to efficiently resolve an issue. There are things difficult to notice over the phone (like the space heater plugged in to the UPS) and are immediately apparent when we're on site, getting you fixed faster and costing you less. Read more...

  2. Innovative


    Innovative: We design your network and technology stack around how your company works, rather than trying to make your workflow fit your technology. We believe your network should enhance your work, rather than impede it, and we have the knowledge and experience to develop precisely the right tools to do that. Read more...

  3. Honest

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    Honest: We resolve to treat our customers as we ourselves demand to be treated. That means that if something goes wrong, we take ownership and make it right. We will always give it to you straight, with no doublespeak, and work with you to find a solution.

  4. Accountable


    Accountable: We believe strongly in doing the right thing from both the technological and human perspectives. We offer non-profit organizations discounts and even free gear through our 'Socially Responsible Computing' initiative and are an e-waste collection site, partnering with GoodPoint Recycling.

  5. Engaged


    Engaged: We believe in participating in and contributing to the communities where we live and work. rbTech staff volunteer their time on non-profit and governmental boards, train local students through our mentoring programs and offer discounts to area non-profit organizations.

  6. Responsive

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    Responsive: We get it. When your systems are down or are impacting your employee's ability to perform their jobs, you need help and you need it right now. We offer 24x7 support, and have for over 15 years. rbTechnologies response time for emergencies is measured in minutes, not hours.


Computer networking

rbTechnologies, LLC has been creating and supporting thoughtfully designed, custom crafted computer networks for our clients since 1997. Our staff have more than 50 years of combined professional Information Technology expertise. With double-digit growth for each of the last 4 years, rbTech is growing because we love what we do and we genuinely care about our customer's success. We know that as you grow and succeed, so do we!


Website Development

rbTech builds on the SilverStripe Content Management framework. We're adept at all aspects of web development from PHP to CSS and XHTML. We can build up basic sites in as quickly as a couple hours or we can build you a complete web application. SilverStripe is modular, hugely extendable and has many SEO optimizations built right in, saving you time and expense down the road. Put our professional team to work to build your web presence!


Phone Systems

Intuitive, powerful, and complete. The Digium SwitchVOX has every enterprise feature you'd expect, such as converged calling, call queues, paging and more. And they're all included in the base price which is typically at least 30% less than a competing Avaya or Nortel system.
Stop paying for proprietary lock in and legacy technology. Call rbTech today and put the power of an Enterprise class phone system to work for your business!


Revenge on Technology version 2.0 is ON!
Wednesday 9/25/2013, be there and we'll be square!


rbTechnologies was founded in 1997 on the premise that we could do better. Better for our clients, better for our communities and better for our employees. We're here to help you choose from the enormous variety of available technology, so that you can run your business as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. To accomplish this, we take a uniquely holistic approach to computer networking: We realize that your network is but one tool in your business. And while it may be the most complex tool in your organization, it must behave like any other tool and contribute to your success, not detract or distract from it.


Call rbTech, and we'll come to you. We'll get to know you, your business, and your employees. By gaining a genuine understanding of your operations, we can make technology recommendations that make sense. And we purposefully stay away from the cookie cutter, one-size-fits-all approach. Each business has different needs, and at rbTech, we believe that those needs must be met with answers specific to the question.


Team rbTech is there for and looking out for you.  Thanks for visiting our website!