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Network Infrastructure

rbTechnologies, LLC has been creating and supporting thoughtfully designed, custom crafted computer networks for our clients since 1997. Our staff have more than 50 years of combined professional Information Technology expertise. With double-digit growth for each of the last 4 years, rbTech is growing because we love what we do and we genuinely care about our customer’s success. We know that as you grow and succeed, so do we! Learn more

Managed Services

Are your I.T. systems enhancing your productivity, or detracting from it? Would your employees appreciate a network that got out of the way and let them just get to work? Would you like to get your support costs under control and predictable? Then rbTech’s Perception managed services may be just what you need. 24x7x365 system monitoring and management, best of breed anti-virus, even cloud backups, all from our facility, and delivered to you around the clock! Call for details! Learn more

Security Services

Ransomware, phishing attacks, wire fraud, identity theft, and now a wireless flaw that lets attackers snoop on encrypted traffic? Without a clear plan based on today’s threats and your organization’s unique risk profile, lots of time & money can be wasted on security solutions that may not be providing the protections you’re looking for. rbTech can provide you with a customized, risk-based assessment showing you the top threats specific to your organization. Learn more

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Along with being extremely professional, they’re very personable.  They listen to and answer your questions clearly.  They always seem to come up with a solution that works well.  rbTechnologies cares about their customers!

Marsha Curtis

Capitol Steel and Supply Co.


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