Network Infrastructure

rbTechnologies carries a wide range of networking equipment from large scale routers to desktop and optical switches and has been installing thoughtfully designed networks since 1997. We carry networking equipment from Netgear, Cisco, and HP among others.

We’re also fully versed in modern virtualization and storage technology, supporting VMware, Hyper-V, and Xen virtualization platforms.  We deploy industry leading backup, business continuity, and disaster recovery systems from Veeam, cTera Networks and Dr. Backup to protect your network and data from the unexpected.

We also build network firewalls and network edge Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems from Untangle, and even build custom, from-the-ground-up firewall systems that support multiple Internet connections, failover and load balancing.

We are also very experienced in all aspects of Wide-Area and Campus networking. We have deployed complicated routing and VLAN configurations for our satisfied customers across the region, and have designed and supported networks for everyone from small offices to ISPs.
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